About Us

About Us

The Enchanted Manor

The Enchanted Manor is located minutes off of the 101 Freeway and easily accessible from the Burbank and Los Angeles Airports. This 18,000+ square foot facility is situated on a quiet cul-de-sac in Valley Village which allows for comfort and privacy.

This unique facility features three different areas for your party, celebration, gathering or meeting.

Along with hosting individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations, The Enchanted Manor has served as a location for films, music videos and productions including Lifetime’s production William And Kate.

About Georgia Durante

Georgia Durante is the Author of “The Company She Keeps”. She has been a Precision/Stunt driver for over 30 years and the owner of “The Performance Two Driving Team”. She is an expert media guest and travels around the country speaking on topics such as domestic violence, women in business and the “Mob”

Georgia spent 25 years remolding her home turning it into an Enchanting Manor. Every nook and cranny was well thought out. In 2006 after a stunt gone wrong on the set , Georgia was forced into an early retirement. She adopted baby Angela when she was 10 days old and built her a play house on the grounds.

As with everything else in the home,it had to be built with perfection. Georgia knows no other way. But she no longer had the income from her stunt work and the play house went WAY over budget So she started doing children’s parties to pay for it.

Someone asked if she would host a wedding on the property and a new business was born. It has turned out to be a blessing as it allows her to be a stay at home Mom and still have an income. God is good.