Children's Playhouse

It’s your opportunity to have a children’s party and event that every child will remember for it’s fun and every parent will long talk about for how unique it is.

The Playhouse at The Enchanted Manor is a free standing cottage that’s a minature version of the Enchanted Manor main house especially for children up to the age of ten. The interior features a sturdy child friendly wood decor and furniture. There’s a patio area to the side and a large safe play area in the front.

The fun your child and their friends will have at The Playhouse at The Enchanted Manor is only limited by their imagination. When you give your child the gift of laughter, friends and play it’s the greatest gift of love there is. Contact The Enchanted Manor and let us assist you in bringing all of this fun to your child.

The Playhouse at The Enchanted Manor is a little world that the children can call their own. You’ll watch with a huge smile as the children launch into their play, games and make believe. The Playhouse at The Enchanted Manor can add even more to the fun. Be sure to inquire about clowns, storytimes, food menus, magicians and face painting parties.

Amenities featured at The Playhouse At The Enchanted Manor include cable TV, a DVD player and even a fireplace. These are special extras that will keep children entertained during your event or vacation stay with us.

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