Celebrity Visitors

Many celebrities have visited The Enchanted Manor for events or just to visit the owner, Georgia Durante. Good times have been had here by so many people. The Enchanted Manor is about creating memories for all that come here for whatever reason. If you come as a stranger you will leave as a friend.

Chuck Mangione
Dom DeLuise
Hugh OBrian-Wyatt Earp
Hugh oBrian
Dick VanPatten-Heather Urich-Susan Stafford-Sherry Hackett
Larry King
Deana Martin
Farrah Faucett
Rabdy Jones
Randy Jones-Village People
stephen sorrentino - chuck mcCann
Billy Davis-Marilyn McCoo
Quincy Jones
Dom DeLuise
Bobby Unser Sr.
Buddy Hackett
Buddy Hackett
Buddy Hackett-Charles Durning
Buddy Hackett-Sid Ceasar
Billy Davis-Marilyn McCoo
Chuck Mangione
Bobby Unser Sr.
The set of casper
Psychic Char
Buddy Hackett
Connie Stevens
Bobby Unser Jr. Dar Robinon
Gloria Alred
Charles Durning
Charles Durning
Eric Estrada
Chuck WooleryChuck Woolery
Goodfella-Henry Hill
Gene Simmons-Kiss
Gene Simmons-Kiss
Goodfella Henry Hill
Hugh OBrian
Howie Mandel
Hugh oBrian
Sean Young
Mario Lopez
Tom, Judy, Heather Urich
Deana Martin Susan Stafford
Fred Travelina
Larry King
Jane Russell
Elian Basskin
Robert Davi
Marty Allen
John Fiora-Sopranos
Dan Haggerty
Robert Davi
Jerry Vale
Micky Dolenz -The Monkees
Eddie Carroll-voice of Jiminy Cricket
Chuck Mangione-Chuck Woolery
Della Reese
Mario Lopez
Chuck Woolery
Deana Martin
Mario Lopez
Trini Lopez
DeLuise, Hackett, VanPatten, stafford
Phillis Diller
Randy Jones-Cowboy-Village People
Ryan Styles-Richard Tyson
Goodfella-Henry Hill
Robert Urich
Robert Forster
Robert Forster
Robert Forster
Rosie Greer-the Gentle Giant
Sean Young
Ruth Buzz -Dom-Chuck
Tom Holland
Sidney Sheldon
Conrad Hilton
Deana Martin-John
Jimmy Hawkins - Its a wonderful life
Max Landis
Richard Anderson
Hugh oBrian
Pentagon Friends
Dom DeLuise
Robert Forster
eddie carroll
deana martin - John griffith
jimney cricket
Jay bernstein - the star maker -chuck
morton downey jr. - lori
richard anderson - eddie carroll
elya baskin
lois and fred travelina
eddie carroll
randy jones
lori downey jr.
Tony curtis - john carradine
altavise davis-trini lopez-susan stafford
art linkletter
ruta lee - ann jefferys -
Rober urich and family
ed lauder-dic vanPatten-charles durning-dom deLouise
Deana martin
robert hayes-elya baskin-jimmy mckeachin
mario lopez - jackie kaylin
Kato Kalin
Chuck mcCann
Robert hayes
ed lauder
Pat boone - kevin dawson
Pat Boone
glitter rose
Randy jones
Peter lawford
Jeff conway
rudy love
read the sign
Mike Marino
Deana martin
Marilyn Manson
clayton moore - mareen oHara
Trini Lopez - lori downey
celebrity chef kurt
dick clark
Jimmy breslin
herbie mann
Hugh oBrian - mareen ohara
Debbie reynolds
charles durning
billy davis - marilyn mcCoo
elya baskin - robert hayes
Deana martin - john griffith
Farrah faucett
Max landis
susan stafford-chuck woolery-altivise davis
Party crasher
Lori downey ryan styles
randy jones - valerie perine