We are renting this house for my son's wedding.
Kids fell in love with it the minute they saw it.
Ambiance of the Enchanted manor is unbelievable!

Gisane Arshakuni

Awesome place I just came here for a wedding and the place was really great,
They had a pool and even a mini play house with really comfortable beds
The place was just beautiful and a good vibe in general would definitely rent out one day

Ivancho’s Stories

Amazing place! We are choosing this place for our indian pre wedding event and are absolutely amazed by the beauty that was created by Georgia. She her self is such a sweet person and we cannot wait to celebrate the events that will led to our big day started with this magical place.

Avtar Dhillon

Attended a wedding at The Enchanted Manor a few weeks ago. At first I was not sure I had the right place. This beautiful home is tucked away in a pretty manicured cul-de-sac in a residential neighborhood. Upon walking into the home I was impressed with the decor but was not expecting the spectacular sight of the expansive grounds! All the trees were lit to perfection. It was obvious a lot of money was spent to create the magical look of the property. The owner was very gracious, making sure all needs were met. I did not know many of the people in attendance, but the warmth of the place made it easy to mingle. The owner said her motto is, "They come as Strangers and leave as Friends". Nothing could be more true! Other than the bride and grooms in-laws bickering among themselves, a wonderful time was had by all.

Roei Koper

Where do I even start? We just got married there. We stayed 3 nights, one before and one after the wedding. We checked in one day earlier just to make sure everything was running smoothly but honestly, there was no need for that. Property owner, Georgia Durante is extremely professional and that is not easy to find. She went out of her way to make sure everything was taken care of. We had another hotel cancel our booking for our wedding ceremony and reception just two weeks prior to our wedding date. We were just lucky to have The Enchanted Manor pop on our google search. We went to see the property, walked through the front yard and the house and I was thinking to myself this is beautiful...this might actually work. Then we walked out to the back yard and OMG, it was breath taking! I knew that was it! The sight was so beautiful, it was unreal. You just don't expect to see that. It is not a back yard but an oasis. It makes you feel like you are in some exotic resort in far away country. The majestic tree with a treehouse nestled in it, the rock formations, the grotto pool and Jacuzzi, fire pit (actually there were two areas, the fire pit and an outside fireplace in a private patio that was like a living room outdoors. And the lightning! OMG the lightning was magical, like walking around in moonlight! (I heard rumor she invested over 30K just to get that lightning) I seriously needed a minute to get myself back together. We then sat down to discuss dates and the event we were planning to have and she heard we had only two weeks she was very generous and pulled her contacts together. So we got a caterer, chair rentals, etc. and honestly we feel we got very fair prices and VIP status after mentioning her recommendation. The best thing is that these vendors have already worked there so everyone knew what they needed to do, where to go, we did not have to stress about anything. Imagine, what a luck! Her referrals were as nice to work with as she was. Everyone pitched in and pulled it together in such a short notice. Sorry to be going on and on, but I am so jazzed about how perfect everything was. I'm still on a high. The property owner was so nice to even get us a wedding present! We definitely feel our experience was more than business transaction, but almost like friends just helping friends. Oh I forgot to mention, there is even a play house in this so called back yard! It has two beds inside, a little cooking station with stove, dishes and whatever little girls need to bake a cake. There is cable TV and kids movies to entertain them so the adults can enjoy the wedding.We had four kids on our wedding and they loved it! Our little niece is still talking about it. If you have kids, they will not want to leave! We received so many compliments from our guests, everybody loved it. Oh even our photographer said, "Oh Wow, you have beautiful house...." I was thinking to myself too bad it's not ours LOL. Did I mention inside the house? It is art, it's beautiful and very unique. Why would anyone want to stay in a hotel when they can experience something like that? My husband and I are just looking for reason to go again. It does not have to be event, it can be romantic weekend. We are hoping to have baby shower soon LOL and that would be a perfect occasion to visit this beautiful place again. If not, we will definitely go for romantic weekend just to enjoy the Jacuzzi, Pool, Fire Pit and the stunning views this property has to offer. We took a Jacuzzi after our guest left. The water changed colors every few minutes too. It was very romantic and a great way to end a perfect day. In conclusion, this is not just a review about a property. I wish to say I regret there is not more people in world like Ms. Georgia Durante. She was very kind, giving and extremely professional making our special day such a memorable experience. She made our dream wedding possible, I know she doesn't want any credits, it's just who she is, but I want to say, "Thank you Georgia."

Mirela R

My fiancé and I met Georgia in 2019 to host our wedding in 2020. Since our very first interaction, Georgia has been honest, respectful, professional, and supportive. Georgia is a very positive and warm person embodying her statement “They come as strangers and leave as friends.” We cannot thank her enough for her guidance and partnership to make our 2020 dream wedding a picture perfect reality.

Ruben Garcia

What a beautiful paradise looking house?????.
We were so lucky to find this great house with gorgeous backyard-patio for our special day (wedding celebration) and the owner Georgia is such a sweet lady! She has been there for us throughout the day helping and organizing to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
Our day was unforgettable and amazing. All our guests loved the place too. I have all ready recommended this beautiful house to my friend’s celebration too.

Laura Kveladze

I just had a Baptism Party at The Enchanted Manor. It was the perfect setting. So calm and serine. The waterfalls, tiki bar and plush gardens were enjoyed by all. I first was introduced to The Enchanted Manor 12 years ago when I rented it for a vacation coming from Australia. I fell in love with it then. It was my first impression of America. The place itself is very welcoming but the owner, Georgia makes you feel so at home. I stayed for one month and never wanted to leave. I swam in the saltwater pool every day and topped it off at night with an incredible jacuzzi under a canopy of stars. It is great for any occasion, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, Kids parties and of course, vacation stays. I am planning my son’s first birthday there as well. I LOVE the vibe and I love Georgia! You will too…

Edwina Schmitz

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